A guy meets a girl. After getting through some life obstacles together, they fall in love. The two separate, only to realize, that they are a perfect match. The guy and girl reunite, and they lived happily ever after.

How will you impress your partner on this special night? Some of the small things that men usually not pay attention to are the ones that impress women. You and your partner should bring your Sitecurious back by paying attention to small things that matter a lot. Do something different this time, something new that will awake your partner to realize the lost romance and bring it back.

Due to the Sheep being in affinity with the Rabbit, this year is also favorable for romance. Singles should actively socialize and meet more people so as to increase your chances of meeting the right one.

Think of your ex’s favorite romantic movie and enact scenes from it. Okay so this is the wackiest move of all. You got to pull it off with charisma and confidence. Suppose there is a scene in this movie where the couple watch a movie all alone in the theatre or park their cars along a valley and whisper sweet nothings to each other – Just look for such romantic scenes and copy it – Point blank copy. See how well it works especially if the scene is very unique to that movie. Your ex will know you put in that extra effort to watch and copy his/her favorite flick.

This needs an advance purchase of a large amount of red roses. Write ‘Will you marry me?’ with rose petals on her lawn. Or, if she is coming over to your pad, greet her with your rose-petalled proposal on the living room floor. Keep an open velvet box in the centre in which your sparkling diamond engagement ring awaits her finger.

As a romance reader, it is vital for you to know what you should look for in a good romance book. First, why not trust your instinct. There are those books that we simply have the desire to read. Do not let the opportunity pass you, follow your heart and, get inspired your way. If it is the title you love or the presentation of the book, there is no reason why you should not use this as a basis for reading. Many readers never get up to reading some of the greatest stories because they lack proper information.

So get clarity on what love and romance means to you. Break that down into specific items and ideas. Then turn these specific statements into positive and present statements that you write and state daily. I recommend doing it twice a day, right when you wake up, and right when you go to bed. This allows you to start and end the day in positive powerful ways to ensure you invite the love and romance you want into your life.