Just last week, in one of my management and leadership class, a General Manager of a SME was lamenting to me how difficult it was to get his team to work independently as a group. How resistant these people were to change and to work from their own minds, some being in the company for more than 20 years, much longer than he had been (10 years). And “when people has been working too long in a company, they tend to be complacent about their work environment and after some time, have fixed mindsets that are almost impossible to unfix” – that’s what he said.

So here’s what I just did as I was writing this article. I ran two searches. One for the term “millionaire” and one for the term “billionaire.” I found it mind boggling that there were roughly 6.76 million search results for “billionaire” compared to a whopping 16 million results for “millionaire!” But after taking a moment to think about why such a discrepancy exists, it all makes sense.

Just to set you straight, right from the beginning. I’m not here to talk about millionaires, Most Richest persons in the world or a home business; I’m here to talk about you.

According to the Daily Mail, it would take around $2 million just to make Lands End livable again.(1) In the meantime, it costs $4,500 a day to maintain. And while the home was listed at $30 million, the five parcels of land will be set at $10 million each.

An asset that has a rising appreciation is the third criteria of a healthy asset. A rising appreciation means the asset has a value Youngest Billionaires that increases without needing extra expenses.

Success in any endeavor comes through repetition. This leads to habits. Billionaires have habits that make it far much easier for them to be wealthy than ordinary people. It means that if you follow their habits to the letter, you have a 74 % chance of being wealthy.

In your adult life, when you are surrounded by so many different choices of occupation and activity, your greatest responsibility, is for you to find out what it is that you really love doing and then to dedicate yourself to that field. You are the only one who can make the choice, no one else can do it for you.