Ok- let’s get REAL. If Social Media marketing is about conversation, then should there not be words that fit in to what the culture of social media is all about? Should not you paint a picture with your words? Should your words not elicit feelings and emotions?

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Acheter des vues youtube – these are all additional tools to boost exposure for your music, engage in online music promotion But you cannot rely on it to do all the work for you. It is always better to have your very own website, a domain that is solely dedicated to anything about your brand. You have control, the master of this universe, so take advantage of it.

Here’s the key tip: in order to get followers, you must first follow other people. Many people will reciprocate with a follow. This is a pure, simple strategy that is super easy to implement.

Colleges are now embracing Social Meida to bring together roommates, give input on specific degrees and trends for top paying jobs. It’s also being used as a tool that inside of the classroom. College Professors can take surveys, get interaction with students, create community and even direct students to potential employers as they move closer to graduation. Advertising to this crowd? Get on social media.

Co-Marketing Partner List: Make a list of your partners, local charities or other companies you can partner with for some co-marketing activities. Why not get together and share resources, run an ad together and maximize both your voice, market and brand a wareness.

The entire success of this trick relies on the fact that you are going to be very visible at the top of these popular following list. People come through constantly and follow their followers, if you’re on that list you’re going to get a boat load of followers. Eventually you will end up moving down to the second, third, forth page and your followers will come to a halt from this trick. That’s when it’s time to rinse and repeat.

One of the best ways to get more interaction is to initiate interaction. Send an @reply to someone on twitter or RT their tweet. Give a +1 in to a post in Google+. LIKE someone’s Facebook post and share it with your friends. The Law of Reciprocity works like magic in the social media world.